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In order to market your company / product effectively I must understand your BRAND. You must understand your brand - it is not your name, your logo, it is not tangible, it is constantly changing, it is subject to emotion. It is what you sell, your service, what you make and what you show the world. It is word of mouth.

Brand applies to all things regardless of the size of your company, service or product. If you don't understand your brand, ask your customers, suppliers, even your mum what they think of your company / service. You will probably be surprised by the results. Ask yourself then if their opinions are the same as your own with regard to your brand. The message should - (if you understand your brand) be the same. If not, I can help you research and evaluate your current position in the market place.

Marketing can be many things - part implementation, part networking, part magic. It's strategic and very effective in the right place. A poor example in a simple form would be having a great website, stunning beautiful, user friendly, informative, something that captures you, your company and your brand. However if it is not optimised / marketed in the right way to the right audience no one will find it and your efforts wasted.


Shaun from Hulk is amazing - with a fast-tracked product launch we urgently needed to advertise our upcoming events. Even though only a draft concept was on the table at our first meeting, he was able to come back the following day with a brilliant design which addressed all our marketing strategies. The layout and presentation was superb and he co-ordinated printing for us as well. I highly recommend Hulk Design and look forward to working with Shaun again soon.

Phillippa Walter - Laerdal Ltd.

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