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Funny how names stick . . . before this transformation took place this humble mini was a hulk... abandoned in a barn. The chassis has been strengthened so it doesn't twist under the power. However it still has a pure heart. An A series engine. It's not a mini unless it is an A series.

custom mini bonnet scoop

The some of the current modifications are . . . custom alarmed bonnet with air scoop.

dellorto carb bonnet pin

Custom fire wall to accommodate dellorto 45 carburettor with ramflo air filter, 3 branch extractor linked to LCB with 2 cherry bombs with a Y flexible piece.

dellorto 45

1275 Block re bored to 1380cc. Double valve springs, big valves, polished ports. Racing cam and lightened flywheel. New pistons, bearings

Brake booster new master brake and clutch and slave cylinders. 3 stack oil cooler.

fuel regulator

Fuel regulator, electric fuel pump, heavy duty battery cables.

mini cooper distributor

Large 3 core radiator with electric fan, thermostat controlled with a manual override. Cooper S distributor. Competition leads and plugs.

custom dashboard mini

The body has been deseamed . . . losing 40 square inches of drag. Lowered. A large aluminium drop tank. Alloy wheels on spacers metal body kit, custom mirrors, custom grill. Inside you'll find a custom dash, custom seats, roll bar. . .

What you won't find is a very well concealed alarm with tracking that allows the car to be immobilised remotely.

More modifications are currently being engineered including new custom interior, with a night vision camera, angel eye headlights.

Modified austin mini van 1380cc

Dyno day 12/08/2008 after latest engine rebuild . . .

Living with the beast... yes it is a mini so it breaks down. I intend to list the trials and tribulations of owning a 1976 modified 1380cc mini van. I've installed hand warmers on the back windows, for comfort while it's being pushed.

2/4/2008 fractured gearstick pin so no gears. Thanks for the push. Whoever you were?

4/4/2008 back doors open at 80ks. Lucky nothing fell out. New handle and lock fixed that so it doesn't happen again.

15/4/2008 I have litres of life (oil) ebbing out of the crankcase condenser and out the breather pipe on the rocker cover. I've been told this is normal on a 1380cc and to add a catcher tank.

25/4/2008 New addition to the engine bay - a double entry oil catcher tank with air filter on top to help it breath better.

16/5/2008 I fear the worst, (piston rings) losing excessive amounts of oil through breathers. Catch tank filling quickly. Going to do compression/leak down test.

27/6/2008 Worst fears confirmed. Engines out, the block is split. Piston rings in several thundred small pieces.

4/8/2008 It's back, new block, rebored, skimmed etc. Worn items replaced. Sheepbridge pistons, new cambearings, gallery plugs, reground 286 cam. Flywheel machined, ground crankshaft. Duplex timing. The head (already been worked) was stripped and cleaned, polished.

7/8/2008 I had forgotten how much this car makes people smile, and how everyone feels like they have to race it.

25/10/2008 I was surprised to see a crack had appeared in the top engine mount bracket. It is made from a hardened lightweight marine alloy. I had it strengthended (specialist alloy weld).

Mini top engine steady

10/11/2008 The engine mount bracket gave way. Ripped, torn and shreaded by the power of the beast. I have installed an Ultimate engine steady in an attempt to contain the beast. Generally the car is behaving. The engine is worn in and wheel spins in fourth!

Mini ultimate engine steady

25/12/2008 Yes, Christmas Day a 20c roll pin fell out from the gear stick assembly leaving me with no gears on a roundabout - road side repairs.

Mini road side repairs 50th Nelson New Zealand

06/05/2009 And again . . . this time whilst driving over an over bridge. I had to push it over the bridge with a police escort! Hopefully this is the last time I bought a genuine BMC rollpin.

Mini ultimate engine steady

25/5/2009 Preparations have begun to attend the classic austin mini 50th birthday anniversary celebrations in Nelson New Zealand August 2009. click here for more.

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