Miniwebsites is a professional optimised website service that is affordable to small businesses.

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One of the great advantages of the Internet is that it lets smaller businesses compete on a level playing field with their larger competitors. It allows you to reach new markets that were previously unobtainable, all at an affordable cost. The question remains, can you afford not to have a web site?

There is a lot of competition in this market. You cound build one yourself. You could ask your neighbour's brother's son, who has just left artschool to build one. Both these methods work. However, I wouldn't recommend either of them. They're not cost effective. The time it would take you to develop the skills and inorder to manage a site, would outweigh the cost of working with me, not to mention the fact that it would distract you from the thing that you do best . . . running your business.

Some companies charge extra for optimisation, I don't. To me, if a website isn't optimised it's only half done. I optimise your site as I build it, but at no extra cost.

Easy as

Step One - Meeting.

In this meeting, assess your requirements. Discuss hosting, and domain registration. Together we will review your content and plan how your site should be laid out. Having established the site structure, you will then be required to provide copy and other site content to populate these pages.

Step Two - Presentation.

I will design and create a live test page for you to approve. Which will give you a feel for the site. Once you have approve the site framework. I will then proceed to develop the rest of the site.

Step Three - Publish / Submission.

Once you are satisfied with the site. I will publish your site. I will submit the site to a number of search engines.

It doesn't have to end end there . . . any further changes that you require after the site is submitted is charged on a hourly rate. Your company is constantly changing, so should your website.

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