I am a creative all rounder. I have over 10 years' agency experience in the advertising industry. Born at an early age in the UK, I then went onto study design in Bolton, Blackburn and at Falmouth University.

I moved to America and gained employment in a production house - Snappy Design in Kansas City laying up catalogues. Although tedious, this role developed my organisational skills to the point of being anal.

On returning to the UK I was employed by D2 DIGITAL BY DESIGN. (link opens a new window) a public sector company working on development of an interactive educational CD-rom informing teenagers about drugs. This created a thirst for design knowledge and technique on a commercial level.

Wanting to work outside the public sector I then moved to a full service creative design agency ASTERISK* working across a broad range of clients from public to private, local and international.

Drawn to the "Big Smoke" - that is Manchester, UK and wishing to widen my experience and skill level further JUPITER ADVERTISING a recruitment advertising agency was my next choice. Jupiter Advertising has 25 staff and an office in London. Creative design advertising does not get any quicker than this. At times creating a concept, producing a campaign and firing out adverts in various shapes and sizes to several major UK publications within a couple of hours. Here I developed my Adobe skills under my mentors Russell Dalton and Andrew Stanford, to a point that would embarrass Mr Adobe himself. I mastered 3D rendering through an application called Raydream Studio and built several websites using Golive and gained programming experience in pearl.

Wanting to unleash my full creative ability I took on a more senior role at ParkHR Manchester (now WORK) with offices in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh. ParkHR employed over 120 staff with a turn over of 200 million pounds a year back in 2000. Whilst at ParkHR my talent was reconigised nationally when I won a creative design award for my client McCain - UK.

I first visited New Zealand in 2000 for a holiday - armed with a CD of my work. I visited numerous agencies in Christchurch and then returned back to the UK to organise emigration. Whilst in the UK I stayed in contact with the agencies. One week before I was due to leave the UK I received a telephone from Nick Hawes of YELLOWPENCIL inviting me for an interview. I successfully gained employment with Nick and the other pencils. I then spent the next 5 years in the pencil case. It was a very exciting time at Yellowpencil the company evolved whilst I was there. From a general advertising agency to Brand Managers. I learnt a lot from Nick, he has an ability to see straight through the crap and identify what the problem is instantly. Whilst offering a solution at the same time. He delivers it in a humorous way. I Like that.

It was a very difficult decision to leave YellowPencil. I needed to push myself further - really test myself so bought into a digital print company. 12 months later this only confirmed that it was time to go out on my own.

Success to me, is no longer about the awards or the recognition, it's about making a difference and that can only be measured in the success of my clients.

Did you know I ...

succumb to peer pressure where break dancing is concerned and given enough encouragement I will bust an old school move.

was a part time volunteer for the oldham mountain rescue team.

did a sponsored 24hour trampolining marathon.

spent 8 hours, 2 miles underground in the lake district.

held a regional record for the U18 athletics 400 metres in the uk for a number of years.

ran my first marathon at 18.

spent 12 hours stuck in customs at Chicago airport.

have been chased by a tornado in Kansas.

Contact :: SHAUN@HULK.CO.NZ :: Telephone 027 231 6881
PO BOX 134, Christchurch Mail Centre, Christchurch, 8140, New Zealand